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What Is SecureSafe?

SecureSafe is a simple, secure online backup service for home PC users, home office users, students and professionals. SecureSafe will backup all of your important files on your PC (photos, videos, music, office documents and more) whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection.

  • Easy to Setup
    As easy as (1) Download, (2) Install, (3) Run
  • Secure - SSL Encryption
    SecureSafe uses the latest military-grade encryption - the same security banks use during data transfer. Your data is secure not only in transfer but encrypted on SecureSafe servers. Without your secret password that only you know, the encryption code is nearly unbreakable.
  • Easy to Use
    SecureSafe requires little to no ongoing user involvement. Once you setup SecureSafe you can rest easy and forget about it - your data is being saved.
  • SecureSafe runs automatically on a regular schedule and works transparently in the background, so you can continue to work on your PC even when SecureSafe is saving data.
  • Easy Restore
    Whether you accidently deleted a file, changed a document and want the original version back or lost the entire content of your hard drive, you can rest easy. Recovering files as easy as (1) Select, (2) Recover.
  • Unlimited Storage
    No need to worry about running out of disks or disk space. SecureSafe provides unlimited file storage with no fine print gimmicks or caveats.

Why Do I need SecureSafe?

Most PC users rely solely on their laptop or home PC to store some of their most important information with no thought to data backup or data recovery until the unthinkable happens.

On average two thirds of all PC users have experienced some form catastrophic data loss; about 1 in 10 has had a laptop stolen, 1 in 12 has had a hard drive crash, and 1 in 3 has lost files as a result of their own errors. If the files you store on your computer (photos, videos, music, office documents, etc.) are important to you, those are not good odds to be taking chances with.

SecureSafe gives you the peace of mind knowing that when the unthinkable happens, your important files are safe, secure and ready for recovery.

  • Offsite Security
    With SecureSafe your data is stored securely in a remote online storage unit which means your data is secure not only in the event of a hard drive crash but in the event of fire, flood, theft or other catastrophe.
  • Time Savings
    Manually copying or backing up files can be time consuming and complicated. Just remembering which files you have recently changed, where they are and when to make the copies can be a hassle. The SecureSafe client software works automatically in the background taking all the hassle out of it by tracking your file changes for you and updating your backup on a regular schedule.
  • Cost Savings
    Think copying files to CD’s is a cost effective solution; think again. If you backed up your PC daily to CD’s, you would go through hundreds of dollars of CD’s a year. External hard drives can cost $150 or more and neither of these solutions protects you against fire, flood or theft. SecureSafe offers unlimited offsite storage for just pennies a day.

How Does SecureSafe Work?

We've made SecureSafe as simple as 1, 2, 3 (Download, Install and Run).

  • Signup - Download
    Signup & download the SecureSafe client software at This process only takes a few minutes and with our FREE 60 day, no obligation trial, there is no reason not to.
  • Install
    Installing the SecureSafe client software takes only a few minutes and our simplified process walks you through the setup with ease.
  • Run
    Once you have completed the simple install process, which takes only a few minutes, the SecureSafe client software will begin transferring an initial copy of your important files to our SecureSafe server. Depending on the size of your backup data and the speed of your Internet connection, this process may take from a few hours to a day or more, but the SecureSafe client runs transparently in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it or wait for it to complete. You can continue to use your PC or simply walk away, while SecureSafe performs this important task for you. After the initial backup is complete, SecureSafe will continue to work in the background. As you change files, add or remove files, in the folders you have selected for backup, the SecureSafe client will track those changes and make incremental backups of the changes on a regularly scheduled basis. These incremental backups generally take only a few minutes to complete each day.
  • When the unthinkable happens and you need to recover a file, you simply select the file you need from the SecureSafe client and transfer it back to your PC. For most home Internet users, download Internet speeds are exceedingly faster than uploads speeds so the restore process happens much faster than the initial backup process. In most cases, your files are restored within minutes. In the event of a total loss of data, our SecureSafe staff can even send you a CD copy of your backup data.

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