My photographs are priceless.
Protection is not an option I can live without.
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Uninstall XP

Uninstalling SecureSafe from Windows XP

  1. Exit any running copy of SecureSafe.
    Note: If you do not exit SecureSafe, it will not uninstall.
  2. Click on the start button in the lower left.
  3. Select the option on the right labeled 'Control Panel'.
  4. Locate the option 'Add or Remove Programs', highlighted red in this screenshot:
  5. Once the list of programs has loaded, locate 'SecureSafe' in the list. Example:
  6. Single left click on 'SecureSafe' to highlight it and press 'Change/Remove' to begin the SecureSafe Uninstall program.
  7. Once the window loads up, select 'Remove the application from this computer.'. Example:
  8. Press the OK button, and SecureSafe Uninstall program will automatically remove SecureSafe and exit.

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