My photographs are priceless.
Protection is not an option I can live without.
Protect your photographs, music and documents with SecureSafe for only $5.00 per month
Download SecureSafe

Installation Phase

  1. Sign up for an account if you have not already
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Download now (Highlighted in red) in the upper right.

  4. Run the application that downloads. It will have a small window to verify the file, then you will be prompted with the screen below:
  5. Click Install, and Secure Safe will install itself.

Initial Setup Phase

  1. Once installed, it will bring up the first run launcher.
  2. Once loaded, Enter your Email address and password.
    Note If you wish to have encryption, check the 'Enable Full Data Encryption' option. The password you enter will be the only way to access the data. OlyPen Employees are unable to access your data if encrypted.
  3. Once filled out, please click the Verify My Account option and the program will be ready to use.

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