My photographs are priceless.
Protection is not an option I can live without.
Protect your photographs, music and documents with SecureSafe for only $5.00 per month
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How it works

How it works SecureSafe is a simple to use backup solution. Once you have downloaded and installed SecureSafe, you only need to select the files you wish to backup.

Once you selected the folder you wish to backup, SecureSafe creates a secure connection to our servers using SSL to begin backing up your data. Initially it will do a full backup of all your data, but once that has been completed, it will do incremental backups. Incremental backups only upload the files that have been changed or newly created, so backups are quick to do.

SecureSafe runs in the background and only backs up your data at the time you specify, so it doesn't interfere with your computer usage.

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